RoFlexs Electric Horse Portable Fence

...each post automatically rewinds the ribbon for storage

...four Roflexs posts are all that are needed to make a complete paddock.

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ROFLEXS US is proud to bring the most user friendly mobile Portable fence system to the US market

A Roflexs moveable paddock can be used to easily fence any area with just a few actions, and without tangling. The automatic paddock system is practical and saves a considerable amount of time and trailer space. Finally a complete system in four lightweight easy to handle posts. Take your horses camping and trail riding with our portable equine corral.

Basic RoFlexs Paddock System ...Our #1 Seller!
This four post system makes a 20'x20' paddock. The polished aluminum posts are sleek and durable (photo on right). This fencing system works with any battery, electric or solor fence charger.

Basic Paddock System

Premium Paddock System 145
This four post system makes a 26'x26' paddock and is supplied very practically and safely with electrical power. The aluminum posts are elegant and durable. The electric fence power unit is integrated into one of the posts and supplies the paddock with 3000 volts, making it exceptionally secure. The handy, high capacity rechargable battery can provide power for at least 50 hours! With up to 1000 recharges, the battery will provide absolute mobility for a very long time.

Premium Paddock System 145 (4 Posts & Battery)

Safety Built Wright In - Roflexs has incoperated safety into each of its product lines. The ribbon tape is made to release if the horse gets tangled up more horse running through camp with fence in tow. The systems are made so that the spike breaks off in the ground if a post happens to get run over. The handles are easy to use - no more getting shocked. This portable fence system is secure, due to precise transmission of power and the optimal height.

All this engineering AND ONLY 4 POSTS, TO MAKE A PADDOCK.

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